Legal Aid Hobart Phone Number: Contact Information for Legal Assistance

The Essential Legal Aid Hobart Phone Number

Found in a legal predicament and need assistance? Not alone. Legal issues can be overwhelming, and it`s crucial to have access to the right resources when navigating the complexities of the legal system. This is where Legal Aid Tasmania comes in, providing crucial support and guidance to those who need it most.

When it comes to seeking legal aid in Hobart, knowing the right phone number to call can make a world of difference. Legal Aid Tasmania offers a range of services to help individuals who are facing legal challenges, from civil and criminal law matters to family law and dispute resolution.

Legal Aid Hobart Phone Number: Your Key to Accessing Support

Legal Aid Tasmania is committed to providing accessible and affordable legal services to the community. By calling the Legal Aid Hobart phone number, individuals can access the support and guidance they need to navigate the legal system with confidence.

Service Phone Number
Legal Aid Hobart 1300 366 611

By reaching out to Legal Aid Tasmania, individuals can access a range of services, including legal advice, representation, and referrals to other support services. This can be particularly invaluable for those who may be facing legal challenges but are unsure of where to turn for help.

Why Legal Aid Matters

Legal aid plays a crucial role in ensuring that everyone has access to justice, regardless of their financial circumstances. According National Association Community Legal Centres, community legal centres, Legal Aid Tasmania, assist over 215,000 clients each year.

Case Study: Sarah`s Story

Sarah, a single mother from Hobart, found herself in a legal dispute with her landlord over the condition of her rental property. Unsure of her rights and feeling overwhelmed by the situation, Sarah reached out to Legal Aid Tasmania for assistance.

With the support of Legal Aid, Sarah was able to access legal advice and representation, ultimately resolving the dispute in her favor. Without the assistance of Legal Aid, Sarah may have struggled to navigate the legal process and protect her rights as a tenant.

Final Thoughts

Having access to the right legal support can make a significant difference when facing legal challenges. By knowing the Legal Aid Hobart phone number, individuals can take the first step towards seeking the assistance they need.

Legal Aid Tasmania is dedicated to providing support and guidance to those in need, and the Legal Aid Hobart phone number serves as a crucial lifeline for individuals seeking legal assistance. If you or someone you know is facing legal challenges, don`t hesitate to reach out to Legal Aid Tasmania for support.


Top 10 Legal Questions about Legal Aid Hobart Phone Number

Question Answer
1. What is the phone number for Legal Aid in Hobart? Legal Aid in Hobart can be reached at (03) 6236 3800. They provide free and confidential legal advice to people in need.
2. Can I get legal aid over the phone in Hobart? Absolutely! Legal Aid in Hobart offers over-the-phone legal advice and assistance to eligible individuals.
3. What are the eligibility requirements for legal aid in Hobart? To qualify for legal aid in Hobart, individuals must meet certain income and asset criteria, as well as demonstrate a genuine need for legal assistance.
4. How can I apply for legal aid in Hobart? Applying for legal aid in Hobart can be done by contacting their office at (03) 6236 3800 and discussing your situation with one of their knowledgeable staff members.
5. Is legal aid in Hobart only available for criminal matters? No, legal aid in Hobart covers a wide range of legal issues including family law, tenancy disputes, and civil matters.
6. Can I get legal aid for immigration matters in Hobart? Yes, legal aid in Hobart provides assistance for immigration matters to eligible individuals who meet their criteria.
7. What if I can`t afford a lawyer in Hobart? If you are unable to afford a lawyer in Hobart, you may be eligible for legal aid and should contact their office to discuss your options.
8. Are the services of legal aid in Hobart completely free? While legal aid services in Hobart are often free, there may be some situations where a small contribution is required based on an individual`s financial circumstances.
9. Can legal aid in Hobart represent me in court? Legal aid in Hobart may provide legal representation in court for eligible individuals who meet their criteria and demonstrate a genuine need for assistance.
10. What if I have a legal emergency and need immediate help in Hobart? If you have a legal emergency in Hobart, contact Legal Aid immediately at (03) 6236 3800 or seek assistance from other emergency legal services in the area.


Legal Aid Hobart Phone Number Contract

Welcome to the legal aid contract for accessing the phone number of Legal Aid Hobart. This contract outlines the terms and conditions for obtaining the contact information for legal assistance in Hobart.

Contract Parties Client and Legal Aid Hobart
Effective Date Upon signing the contract
Term Indefinite, unless terminated by either party
Services Legal aid phone number access
Terms Conditions The client agrees to use the legal aid phone number for the sole purpose of seeking legal assistance from Legal Aid Hobart. The client must not misuse or distribute the phone number to any unauthorized persons. Legal Aid Hobart agrees to provide the client with the phone number and support as required by law.
Termination Either party may terminate this contract with a written notice to the other party.
Dispute Resolution Any disputes arising from this contract shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the laws of Hobart.
Governing Law This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hobart.
Signatures Client: ___________________
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